[PATCH] ide_cs: Make ide_cs work with the memory space of CF-Cards if IO space is not available (revised)

Thomas Kleffel (maintech GmbH) tk at maintech.de
Thu May 11 16:19:07 EDT 2006

From: Thomas Kleffel <tk at maintech.de>

this patch enables ide_cs to access CF-cards via their common memory
rather than via their IO space.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Kleffel <tk at maintech.de>

This patch is against 2.6.17-rc3

The reason why this patch makes sense is that it is pretty easy to build
a CF-Interface out of a simple address/data-bus if you only use common
and attribute memory. Adding the capability to access IO space makes
things more complicated.

If you just want to use CF-Storage cards, access to common and attribute
memory is enough as the IDE registers are available there, as well.

I have submitted a patch to RMK which enables the AT91RM9200's CF
interface to work in that mode.

I made some changes based on the feedback from Alan Cox and Iain Barker.


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