[PATCH] ide_cs: Make ide_cs work with the memory space of CF-Cards if IO space is not available

Thomas Kleffel (maintech GmbH) tk at maintech.de
Thu May 11 10:10:40 EDT 2006

Hi Iain,

>In the older 2.6.13 which I am using, the first param should be :
>I haven't looked in the latest kernels, so if the param list changed
>then of course you may be correct.
In 2.6.17-rc3 pcmcia_request_window(&link, ...) is correct.

>Also, I think this code will fail on small-memory-map systems.
>If you look at the way the window requests are done for other
>PCMCIA devices (e.g. mtd) they don't try to map the entire memory
>space of the card in one go - they just map the minimum window size
>required to access the area they are interested in.
On the cards I tested this with, the memory window wasn't much bigger 
than the registers in which ide_cs is interested.
But you're right, the card could also have a really big memory window 
with the registers at the beginning - so I better change this to a fixed 
length of 16 Bytes.


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