AT91RM9200 CF problem

Pavel Roskin proski at
Thu Jun 29 03:05:21 EDT 2006

Hello, Mathieu!

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 14:52 +0200, Mathieu Deschamps wrote:
> Will diethotplug work well with pcmciautils ? 

I have no idea, but it seems to me that diethotplug is just another
obsolete piece of software.  The last version was released on January 9,
2002.  I think udev is now the recommended way to support hotplug
capabilities of the PCMCIA devices.

> is silent on what type/version of hotplug is supported.

This means there were no loud screams that diethotplug doesn't work.

> > It would be better if you used POSIX locale when you are going to report
> > the messages.  
> Using POSIX locale when reporting ? What do you mean, is
> my actual (LANG=) en_US.UTF-8 not one  ?

Strange.  I've never seem GNU make say "Interruption" in English.

> > Can it be that you didn't enable PCMCIA backward compatibility in the
> Exact ! I didn't. I mean I did but recently 
> reconfig/rebuilding  after coming all over it again and then I didn't. Thanks 
> for the catch, it works. You know while testing different pcmcia 
> package...BTW I can safely disable that backward compat. option if I intent 
> to use only pcmcia-utils, right ? Else will it hurts if I leave it enabled 
> while using pccardctl ?

It should be OK to keep it enabled.

> Ok, now using pcmciautils-0.14 pccardct, I (still) can't read a Flash memory 
> card (on both pcmcia design however) on card insertion my log reports:
> Jun 27 19:02:52 zephyr-B kern.debug kernel: cs: pcmcia_socket0: 
> pcmcia_read_cis_mem attrib mem
> Jun 27 19:02:52 zephyr-B kern.debug kernel: at91_cf: At91_cf set_mem_map<7>
> Jun 27 19:02:52 zephyr-B kern.debug kernel: cs: pcmcia_socket0:   0x52 0x00 
> 0x00 0x00 ...

Please use "dmesg" for kernel messages.  Date and time doesn't normally
matter, but the userspace loggers can remove some important messages and
put them elsewhere.

> Jun 27 19:02:52 zephyr-B kern.debug kernel: ds: invalid CIS or invalid 
> resources (#tuples=0,chains?=0)

You may want to check the device on a PC where other PCMCIA devices
work.  Then check why CIS is not read correctly.

> There is no device in /sys/bus/pcmcia/devices/ also :
> # pccardctl ident
> Socket 0:
>   no product info available
> # pccardctl status
> Socket 0:
>   3.3V 16-bit PC Card

That's because CIS is invalid.

> Back in time, I've already exposed this situation to Steven Scholz in a thread 
> intitled 'AT91RM9200 CF Ambicom WL1100C issue...'  on linux-pcmcia in Feb 
> 2006 as I intent primarily to carried out a wifi card support. In brief, as 
> both flash card and wifi card didn't (and still don't) work, we have conclude 
> to a more hardware related issue:
> But board setup and pin definition have been double even triple checked.
> Neither data or address buffers are closed, but I worry about not finding 
> anywhere EBI_CFGR's DBPUC (data bus pull-up configuration) register 
> set to 1. Should it been un-pulled up so data lines are free ? Is it done 
> somewhere and miss me ?

I think you should take the latest kernel and try to debug the CIS
problem.  If you still don't understand something, then write to the
list, but try to write a self-contained message (without references to
other messages), concentrate on one topic (CIS only, without userspace
utilities etc), include the results of your research and use a
descriptive subject line.

Pavel Roskin

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