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Fri Jun 16 05:25:06 EDT 2006

> My microcontroller is the AVR32 AP7000, it only have an external bus with
> compact flash support. 
Interesting. I've just heard about this new microcontroller and I was 
just having a look at the documentation last week.

> What I'm trying to do is setting it up to work as a
> PCMCIA socket, the external bus interface can do Common Memory Mode, I/O
> mode and True IDE mode.
> I'm currently trying to use the I/O mode.
> The bus behaves very much like an ARM external bus.
> Are there a better way for attacking my problem?
According to my experience, I suggest you to attach a memory card 
working in TrueIDE mode because the Linux driver is pretty easy to write 
and your device will act as an ordinary hard disc. As reference you can 
use this driver;a=blob;h=7416d4684c61cc06662509ca9e7f822a33006b5c;hb=e3145f7943db03e3808e493555b28e7696e8f408;f=drivers/ide/ppc/cpci405ide.c.
It is written for 2.4 kernel but it should be easy to port it to 2.6. 
Please note that TrueIDE doesn't support hot plug (see also

> PS! When trying to subscribe with my work email (hcegtvedt at I
> never receive a confirmation email.

So you work for Atmel. Can I ask you few questions about AVR32 privately?


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