Documentation for socket driver development

llandre r&d2 at
Thu Jun 15 11:14:48 EDT 2006

Hi Hans-Christian,

is your microcontroller equipped with PCMCIA controller or do you need 
to emulate the CF interface to connect CF memory cards (working in 
TrueIDE mode) to the external bus?

> I'm currently developing a socket driver for AVR32 Linux system. I have
> searched the net for documentation about what is needed and why it is
> needed by the pcmcia core.
> So far I've landed on as
> the only documentation online. The kernel documentation is also a bit thin
> on developing socket drivers.
> I've have looked into other drivers in the kernel, specially the omap_cf.c.
> The socket driver I'm developing is in the first place for accessing CF.
> Any pointers to where I can get some documentation is greatly appreciated.


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