Registartion of two different pcmci cards

Tobias tobiasarp at
Tue Jun 13 03:38:09 EDT 2006


i have 2 pcmcia cards (Merlin U630 and Sierra Wireless AirCard 850). Both 
cards can be used with the serial_cs driver and they work great (in my case 
they are registered as ttyS4).

When i use only one card i.e. the Merlin U630 i can remove and plug in this 
card several times and it is always registered as ttyS4. But when i insert 
the AirCard after having removed the Merlin U630, the AirCard is registered 
as ttyS5. When did not plug in the Merlin U630 before inserting the AirCard
it is registered as ttyS4.

Can someone tell me why the device does change ?



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