Problem with a USB PCMCIA card

François francois.valenduc at
Sat Dec 30 12:31:51 EST 2006


I have bought a USB PCMCIA card that adds 2 usb ports to my notebook. 
This card is well recognized by the kernel. The problem is that the only 
device I have managed to use with this card is a USB Key. All my other 
devices (a printer or a mouse) aren't detected when I plug these. The 
appropriate kernel modules (usblp or usbhid) are well compiled and 
present on my system but when I plug these devices on the card, nothing 
happens. Off course, the printer or the mouse is correctly detected if I 
plug it on the USB ports of my notebook.

I add that I use UDEV, gentoo and kernel 2.6.19. I have also installed 
the pcmciautils package.

Does anybody knows how to solve the problem ?
Thanks in advance for your help,

François Valenduc

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