ZTE MC315 CDMA wireless PCMCIA data card on Linux

Prof. Prabhat Ranjan prabhat_ranjan at daiict.ac.in
Tue Dec 5 11:52:09 EST 2006

We would definitely appreciate any input on this as a number of Linux 
users in India are stuck with this card.

- Prabhat Ranjan

Dominik Brodowski wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 12:40:52PM +0530, Prof. Prabhat Ranjan wrote:
>> Basically it is based on Qualcomm 5105/6025 platform and seems to use Oxford 
>> Semiconductors OXCF950 Rev B. Here are the output from pccardctl :
>> $MANFID - 0279,950b
>> $FUNCID - 2
>> In the file  "linux-" a number of 
>> workaround for OXCF950 Rev B have been added. In addition, I have also noted 
>> that in file 8250.c, 8250_pci.c and sunsu.c workarounds for this paricular 
>> chip. One of this seems to be related to Baudrate miscalculation. However, 
>> this workaround has not been done in serial_cs.c.
>> I am wondering whether the card is not responding due to one of these 
>> workarounds not being applied in serial_cs.c or any other pointers one may 
>> have.
> Actually, these workarounds are already executed, else the code wouldn't
> reach the line stating the addition of ttyS3. Russell, do you have any ideas
> on what's going wrong here? Or someone (i.e. new linux-serial maintainer)
> who might be interested in this?
> Thanks,
> 	Dominik

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