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Kim Henry attraction'sbalcony at acapella.ru
Sun Dec 3 15:03:35 EST 2006

Smart Money Equities would like to thank our valued 
readers for making 2006 a great year.  Please continue 
to support Smart Money Equities by visiting our sponsors 
and featured advertisers.  Here's our next Hot Pick!

Company: Premium Petroleum, Inc. 

Symbol: PPTL   
Current Price: Around $0.01
Target Price: $0.06

A major release is coming out or the company this week.  
While we can't divulge the complete report we can say 
that it is going to push this one much higher!
PPTL will be benefiting from a massive PR campaign that 
will have investors lining up to get in.  We are giving 
our members the heads up early so that you can get the 
maximum benefit!
It's first day of this campaign you know what will happend
next several days...

Go Smart Money!

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