[Bug 2944] Cardbus cards not seen on ti1620 cardbus controler

Bernhard Kaindl bkaindl at ffii.org
Thu Apr 20 17:32:12 EDT 2006


> > I've applied the cardbus patch to a 2.6.16-ck3 kernel with an additional patch
> > that adds the detection of the U630 Merlin G3 card I have.
> > [4513524.893000] Yenta: Raising subordinate bus# of parent bus (#06) from #06 to #0a
> Indeed, this is the message which I expected, that part is fine as you also found.

Thanks for testing the patch, but I have one thing left to clear up:

My current understanding is this:

As long as you do not insert a CardBus (32-bit PCI) cards into your
Laptop's PC-Card Slot, you should never need pci=assign-busses or
the patch which I posted in bug 2944 unless your PCI confguration
is completely broken, on your Laptop it just nees s small fixup
for CardBus Cards only.

At least if my patch in 2944 alone would change behaviour with just
16-bit ISA PCMCIA cards like your U630 Merlin UMTS Serial Modem card,
I'd be very surprised - and would need an explanation to understand it.

I think I have read somewhere that pci=assign-busses did change something
for 16-bit ISA PCMCIA cards, but I have not seen debug info (lspci -vv)
which would confirm that. At least I would like to know if such cases
to see if I can fix them too without an additional boot parameter.

In my current opinion, at least my patch in bug 2944 should change
nothing regarding the use of 16-bit ISA PCMCIA Cards, at least not
on all the PCI configs which I have looked so far.


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