Belkin Wireless G Plus & Compaq v2417au laptop

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Christian Bullow wrote:
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> Hi, just a repost as I"m a new member of the mailing list and I didn't
> receive this e-mail back from the list or see any reply.
> Looking at
> will assign busses be the correct fix? I have two lines saying
> primary=00 which I havn't seen any other people mention.

I'd say that you probably have the same hardware as mine viz PCIxx21
cardbus bridge.  The patch noted in the very recent email from
Bernhard Kaindl might fix it.  I've applied it to mine and it has
definitely fixed up the subordinate bus problem.

My problem is that the actual resources ON the card aren't being
detected properly so that the driver can't find (in my case) the
actual serial port of the modem.  Perhaps it is similar in your case?

Still, you could try the patch - it might be the solution to your


> At the moment, I have tested 3 wifi pcmcia cards, one of which I know
> works and works under ubuntu, so I am more then adamant now its the
> cardbus not being detected properly, or working properly.
> *****
> Hello,
> I have recently acquired in Australia, the Compaq v2417au laptop. I am
> an Australian who is spending possibly the next year in the  UK. I
> have found it is rather easy to find locations to access wireless
> internet but as yet, I have failed to get my laptop to allow wireless
> connections to occur. It does not look like it is detecting the
> PCMCIA/Cardbus card or controller properly.
> I have 2 wireless cards, and would be happy for either to work.
> Netgear WG511v2 (Made in China version)
> Or
> Belkin Wireless G Plus Notebook Card (Ver: 1212uk, which I think is
> another version of the F5D7011 which is the one pictured on the box)
> I am running Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.04 Flight 6
> Kernel version 2.6.15-19
> Information about the laptop is here;
> Dmesg output:
> Lspci -vv
> Lspci -vv | grep subordinate
> Selected dmesg information:
> I've attempted putting the cards in and loading their respective Win2k
> and WinXP drivers for each under ndiswrapper with no success.
> Let me know if there is any commands you want me to run or try to run
> and I'll boot up in linux and make an attempt.
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