allocation of resources with multifunction card: SanDisk ConnectPlus

Marcus Brown marcusbrutus at
Wed Apr 19 03:39:29 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm attempting to get a SanDisk ConnectPlus 128MB wifi card
going on an iPaq h2210 running a customised 2.6.15 kernel.
(currently upgrading to 2.6.16)

I've used pcmciautils-013, udev-084, sysfsutils-1.3.0 and

I've managed to get the network function working quite well
by renaming the ide-cs module. The firmware is flashed, and
an ad-hoc connection is brought up.

pccardctl doesn't want to work for me, but I'm working on that.

significant stats:
	hostap_cs: ignoring Vcc=50 (from config)
	io->flags = 0x0047, io.base=0x0000, len=128

My mission now is to get ide-cs to play nicely with hostap-cs.
I assume that the problem is io-port related, (ie. perhaps
ide-cs steals network-specific ports?) but I'm not sure how
to prove this theory, or where to start.

There are various notes around that suggest that it's possible
(with pcmcia_cs) to get both to work by using a specific bind
order. However, experiments with manual loading of modules seems
to suggest this is no longer the case.

significant stats:
ide0 at 0xc4960000-0xc4960007,0xc496000e on irq 30

I notice various SanDisk-specific functions in hostap_cs.c
like sandisk_enable_wireless, however, apart from a device id
declaration there seems to be no matching code in ide_cs.c

Would it be appropriate to add a similar method to ide_cs?

Suggestions gratefully accepted :)


Marcus Brown.

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