PCMCIA Problem Kernel 2.6.11-rc4

Andreas Millinger andreas.millinger at web.de
Tue Feb 15 14:16:14 EST 2005


 > Could you check whether this patch helps for the lockup problem? It 
 > notification of cardmgr of "ejection request" events so that "cardctl 
 > behaves -- from an userspace point of view -- exactly as ejecting a card.

I have checked with your patch, but it is just the same. There is also a 
freez when I eject the card. I think,  that the problem isn't the freez 
with the card. I have tried with 2 other cards (Xircom Bluetooth an 
Xircom LAN) and there is no freez. So the freez mußt depend on that 
card. But I think if the error is fixed, the freez is also fixed. Can 
you reproduce the error (FATAL: /Module yenta_socket is in use)? I think 
this is the problem./

Best regards,


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