How to use compact flash on embedded 2.6.11 system?

David Hinds dhinds at
Sun Feb 13 23:02:46 EST 2005

On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 09:43:15PM +0100, Dominik Brodowski wrote:

> > I wondered about that... however if that's how static sockets are
> > handled now then I don't see why the IDE driver is failing.  The "No
> > more items" error means that the driver has attempted to configure the
> > card using all available configuration table entries, and all were
> > refused because the requested resources were not available.
> Possibly because the socket driver does something wrong/strange in the calls
> to pcmcia_request_configuration()...

The loop that tries each configuration table entry only tests whether
RequestIO succeeds.  After finding a working IO window, then the
RequestIRQ and RequestConfiguration calls are made, but those won't
give a "no more items" error if they fail.

-- Dave

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