[Bug 4498] When i try to use a pcmcia wireless card i get the message "cs: unable to map card memory!"

bugme-daemon at osdl.org bugme-daemon at osdl.org
Sat Apr 30 19:48:22 EDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From capeto at x6ltda.com  2005-04-30 16:48 -------
you are right, when i put that in the file "config.opts", the card not work, i
try to reboot the system and not work... The problem was resolved when i execute
the command "cardmgr" manualy without parameters. The card was be detected
inmediatly and i don't need to execute the command again. I don't understand
wath does do this command in my configuration but it works.

Thanks a lot.

PD: how do i close the bug?

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