[SUCCESS REPORT / PATCH] yenta_socket IRQ woes w/ NetGear WG511T ("IRQ#11: nobody cared" either, but a different one)

Dominique Quatravaux dom at kilimandjaro.dyndns.org
Fri Apr 29 04:32:43 EDT 2005

Dear PCMCIA people, dear Daniel,

I am reporting success with the patches by Daniel on the LKML a month
ago (see http://lkml.org/lkml/2005/3/18/218), targeted to a setup and
problem very similar to mine (see this message's title). FWIW I collated
both patches into a single one that applies against Ubuntu's (patched)
2.6.10 kernel. Setting "irqpoll" on the kernel command line was also
necessary in my case. See details at

I am unsure what I should do next (if anything) in order to get Daniel's
patch accepted into the mainstream kernel, please advise.

Anyway thanks for your precious help Daniel, the Medion laptop I have on
loan for advocacy purposes is now up, running *and* surfing the Web :-)

<< Tout n'y est pas parfait, mais on y honore certainement les jardiniers >>

			Dominique Quatravaux <dom at kilimandjaro.dyndns.org>

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