cs: pcmcia_socket1: voltage interrogation timed out.

Chris Tracy ctracy at adiemus.org
Tue Apr 19 14:00:10 EDT 2005

	Still working on 2.6.11 on my old Inspiron 5000. (actually it's an
ARM N30W-14, which is the same thing)  I've got a NetGear WG511U cardbus
802.11a/b/g card.  If I reboot the system up with it inserted, I get the

cs: pcmcia_socket1: voltage interrogation timed out.

and the card doesn't show up.  If I then pull the card and reinsert it, or 
run "cardctl insert 1" (or 0, I've got two slots and it happens 
identically in both) the card comes up just fine.  If I physically power 
the system off, then back on all while the card is inserted, it also works 

	Looking around, I found this patch and discussion of the issue on 


	However, applying the patch mentioned above to does NOT
fix the issue on this system.

	I never had this issue in 2.4.x (where I used pcmcia-cs), and so
far I've seen it both in 2.6.11-1.14_FC3 and vanilla

	For reference, the output of lspci on this system can be found 


	If there's anymore info anyone would like, please let me know.



Chris Tracy
Security/Network Administrator
Engineering Design Center
Santa Clara University

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