Major network throughput decrease in xircom_cb as opposed to xircom_tulip_cb

Chris Tracy ctracy at
Mon Apr 18 12:39:35 EDT 2005


	I have an old Inspiron 5000 that I just updated from FC1 (2.4.x)  
to FC3 (2.6.11).  The system has no built-in ethernet, so I've got a
Xircom Cardbus Ethernet PC Card in it.  In 2.4.27, I could download from
another local system (via wget on the console) at around 8-9MB/s
(64-72Mbit).  When using the xircom_cb driver in 2.6.11-1.14_FC3 (and
vanilla that throughput dropped significantly, down to between
2-3MB/s (16-24Mbit).  Out of curiousity, I installed vanilla and
configured the system to use the older xircom_tulip_cb module.  With it,
on, I'm back to my old speeds.

	Is this a known issue?  I guess it's not a big deal since the 
older driver works as I'd expect, but I figured someone would want to know 
about the regression.  (And I assume the older driver will go away 

	If you'd like any more info from me, please let me know.



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