Porting a device drive to use device id

David Hinds dhinds at sonic.net
Thu Apr 14 14:15:37 EDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 01:18:45PM -0400, Alex Holeczy wrote:
> When I load the updated device driver with the PCMCIA card inserted, the
> device driver gets loaded correctly and I can access the card.  But if I
> insert the card after I have loaded the device driver, I get the following
> error message from cardmgr.
> cardmgr[31431]: error in file './cacdsp.conf' line 18: module name
> 'bullet33_cs' not found

Actually, no, you don't.  You get this error message when cardmgr
reads your conf file, regardless of when you insert your card...

> The following is my configuration file:
> module "bullet33_cs" opts "xx=1"

What do you intend this line to do?

The error message pops up because you have not defined any PCMCIA
device type that uses the "bullet33_cs" module.  Hence cardmgr can't
do much with your opts specification.

You can only use a "module... opts..." specification if you are
relying on cardmgr to load the driver.  Options for modules that are
autoloaded according to the devicetable stuff should probably go in

> Where does cardmgr look for the device driver?

The whole point of the devicetable stuff is to remove the dependency
on cardmgr.

-- Dave

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