[Bug 4460] New: PCMCIA hard disk not started correctly

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Fri Apr 8 17:47:51 EDT 2005


           Summary: PCMCIA hard disk not started correctly
    Kernel Version: 2.6.11
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
             Owner: linux-pcmcia at lists.infradead.org
         Submitter: osavill at uklinux.net

Distribution: Mandrake 10.1
Hardware Environment: Dell Inspiron 7500
Software Environment: kernel 2.6.11
Problem Description:

When the PCMCIA hard disk is inserted the LEDs light up and the disk spins, then 
everything stops, then the LEDs come back on and the disk spins up again then it 
 all stops again. The stop is very sudden and complete. By doing cardctl insert 
the system will do the double beep and hde1 .. hdeN appear in /dev, but none of 
them can be mounted. The disk has 2 FAT32, 1 swap and 5 ext3 partitions The /
var/log/messages output is simply:
Apr  8 22:03:29 opc kernel: cs: pcmcia_socket1: time out after reset.

This disk works fine under 2.4 and Windoze.

Steps to reproduce: Plugin a PCMCIA hard disk

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