bios_override usage?

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Mon Apr 4 20:28:39 EDT 2005

> forum at wrote:
>> Well I tried adding each these to modprobe.conf:
>> yenta_socket.override_bios=1
>> yenta_socket override_bios=1
>> override_bios=1
>> override_bios:yenta
>> but they produce the error at bootup:
>> modprobe WARNING: /etc/modprobe.conf line 1:
>> ignoring bad line starting with 'override_bios'
>> (or whatever I put in there)
> Did you look at other options in /etc/modprobe.conf ?
> I see lines like this:
> options sisfb             mode=none mem=12288
> so maybe one like this would work better:
> options yenta_socket     override_bios=1

My modprobe.conf did not have much in it,
there were no "options" lines.

I added this and it worked!

options yenta_socket override_bios=1

Thanks for the patch also!  (it may come in handy in the future)


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