Problems with Yenta and TI PCI4451 chipset

Pavel Roskin proski at
Thu Mar 18 23:57:07 GMT 2004

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, David Hinds wrote:

> > However, I doesn't see any discrepancy between the BIOS map and the user
> > map.  The region starting as 0x3ffe2800 is reserved in both maps.
> The region starting at 0x3ffe2800 is not reserved in the user-defined
> map.  I'm not sure where you see that but the entire user map is those
> three lines I clipped, and it ends at 0x3ffe2800.

You are right.  I meant it's not marked as usable.

> > The socket status is read from the memory window 0.  Checking the contents
> > of /proc/iomem may be helpful.
> The socket status is read from the bridge registers which are in a
> separate 4K window of their own, not memory window 0.  In this case
> they were mapped at 0x3ffe3000 and 0x3ffe4000 for the two sockets.

You are right again.  It's "memory region 0" or something but not a
"window".  What is important is that it's in the memory and near the end
of the physical memory, so it's indeed something that merits close

Pavel Roskin

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