Yet More Patches

Pavel Roskin proski at
Mon Mar 8 19:21:33 GMT 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Russell King wrote:

> I've resurected the site, and put some patches
> there.  It currently lists the "10-pcmcia" series, which represents
> the current set of core PCMCIA patches which I want to throw in Linus'
> direction for 2.6.5.  It combines some of Dominik's work from late
> last year.
> For this to happen, it needs to be thoroughly tested, which means I
> need to hear success reports.

I'll try to make some testing and you'll hear from me.

I see that some functions are moved to ds.c because they are only used to
16-bit devices.  I don't understand why it's a compelling reason to move
code between cs.c and ds.c.  Speaking of 16-bit devices, what if we make
this support optional?  Although it's probably 2.7 material, let's think
about it so we can decide whether we actually want to move code now, and
in which direction.

It would be nice to have an option to support 32-bit cards only:

CONFIG_PCCARD - support for PC Card standard
 CONFIG_PCMCIA - support for 16-bit devices
 CONFIG_CARDBUS - support for 32-bit devices

Each option could be set to "m", which would create 3 modules.  I
understand that ds.c is collecting all 16-bit specific code now, so it
would morph into the new PCMCIA module.

If we are moving code between modules, it may be useful to define the role
of those modules.

Pavel Roskin

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