axnet_cs and udev

Russell King rmk+pcmcia at
Mon Mar 8 15:46:54 GMT 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 04:41:52PM +0100, Stefan Wolf wrote:
> Yeah, the patch works for me. It would also be a good idea to move the
> printk-message behind the strcpy command (or you get the kernel-message
> eth%d: AX....).

I produced an updated patch already for that. 8)

> But I still have the race condition between cardmgr and an
> other service which both are starting my network script.

That'll be a race between cardmgr and hotplug.  Hotplug now has the
responsibility to bring up network devices, so your PCMCIA network
script (/etc/pcmcia/network) should ignore the 'start' action.

I thought most distributions already do this.  Red Hat certainly
do because the same behaviour exists in 2.4 kernels.

> In which kernel-version will this be included?

The updated patch is in last nights 2.6.4 -mm kernel (I think that's

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