"unable to apply power" problem in 2.6.6

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Mon Jun 21 11:42:03 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 22:17, Russell King wrote:
> Well, this list has David Hinds, myself, Dominik Brodowski and a few
> other developers on, which are what you could call "the most active
> Linux kernel PCMCIA people" so by that it is the most appropriate
> place to ask.

Ok, excellent.

> That said, I have other commitments which don't allow me to work full
> time on PCMCIA, and Dominik does other stuff as well, so there's little
> chance for us to do a deep investigation.

Understand.  I know exactly what it's like to be busy, believe me - and
this is after all completely voluntary work on your part.  Thanks for
all the work you've done so far to get us to where we are, btw :-)

> What we really need are more good kernel developers in PCMCIA land who
> are willing to look into issues like this - I do suspect that, where
> they occur on the x86 architecture, they may be related to other areas
> which I certainly have a lack of knowledge (eg, ACPI or BIOS quirks)
> since I'm not an x86 guy.

I'n not ordinarily an x86 guy, either; and again, certainly not a kernel

I'd really appreciate some kind of pointer, though; in short, I'm in
deep mud right now as I blindly thought that the cardbus controller
would work fine with the Intel board, and I have a whole heap of them at
the moment for a rather large project I'm undertaking (the software is
80% developed but now we've run into hardware problems).  D'oh.

A resort, is, of course, to order different hardware, but I'm at a loss
as to identify what exactly is causing the cardbus controller to have
such problems (if it's the motherboard, I'm not sure what we order
*differently*).  I believe these motherboards are the latest high end
Intel desktop motherboards, currently, so I'd imagine this problem is
probably going to increase.

Appreciate your time in this; I'm wanting to do whatever I can within my
power/ability to at least get a feel for what the problem is.  If you've
got time to help and need root ssh access to the machine in question, I
can organise that in a flash.


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