Kernel Oops with Adaptec 1460D (PCMCIA SCSI-Controller) and Kernel 2.6.0

Larry W. Finger Larry.Finger at
Thu Jan 8 09:33:29 GMT 2004

At 04:02 AM 1/8/2004, Lars Otte wrote:
>Hello Russell King,
>Russell King wrote:
>>On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 12:37:13PM +0100, Lars Otte wrote:
>>>On my IBM Thinkpad 390e i have Problems with the Adaptec 1460D PCMCIA 
>>>SCSI-Controller and Linux-Kernel 2.6.0.
>>>It don't work and Oops at boottime. Everythink worked fine with 
>>>Linux-Kernel 2.4.x
>>>My NE2000 compatible PCMCIA Networkcard work fine with Kernel-2.6.0
>>Apparantly this (scsi) problem is fixed in 2.6.1-rc - could you confirm
>>whether that is the case for your situation please?
>I have tested Linux-Kernel 2.6.1-rc2 yesterday, and the Bug is still 
>alive, It make an Oops and don't work.
>remember that everything work fine with Linux-Kernel 2.4.23 and separate 

That kernel oops arises from an uninitialized listhead in 
drivers/scsi/hosts.c. I reported this bug to the scsi group last summer, 
but the patch hasn't made it into the code. The patch to the 2.6.0 code is 
as follows:

--- drivers/scsi/hosts.c.orig   2004-01-08 09:13:39.374648400 -0700
+++ drivers/scsi/hosts.c        2004-01-08 09:13:45.958647480 -0700
@@ -300,8 +300,13 @@

-       if (shost)
+       if (shost) {
+               if (sht-> == NULL) {
+                       printk(KERN_INFO "sht->legacy_hosts list_head is 
+                       INIT_LIST_HEAD(&sht->legacy_hosts);
+               }
                 list_add_tail(&shost->sht_legacy_list, &sht->legacy_hosts);
+       }
         return shost;

N.B. The printk statement is in the patch purely for my benefit. As soon as 
the message goes away, I'll know that the patch is no longer needed.

Even with this patch, the aha152x_cs driver doesn't work for my AHA-1460B 
card. Perhaps the 2.6.1-rc1 changes will help. I have not yet had a chance 
to test them. The problems that I had in getting the system to recognize 
the cards have been fixed.


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