Problems with kernel PCMCIA on Toshiba Portege 3490CT (ToPIC100)

Roy Badami roy at
Mon Jan 5 23:09:39 GMT 2004

Oops, mea culpa.  In my haste last night I managed to miss the syslog
line indicating that my card was unrecognized (I hadn't compiled the
right driver).  I'd also hadn't bothered to configure sound drivers
yet, so was doubly misled by the lack of beep.  That, coupled with I
was tired, had had a few beers, and the fact that I'm pretty sure it
_really_ didn't work for me back in early 2.4 caused me to jump to
conclusions.  Sorry :-)

It appears to be a ToPIC95, BTW (according to both my working
configurations) though I was sure it was a ToPIC100 (that's what comes
of believing what I read on the net...)

All seems to be well now (apart from the beep, but that's not your

Apologies for the interruption...


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