the patch that got away...

Dominik Brodowski linux at
Wed Dec 29 16:49:10 EST 2004

> Done, see below. But not tested due to lack of hardware.
> Btw, the main reason why I didn't write a 2.5 patch is that the patch is 
> ugly: The override should be automatic, based on DMI strings or a 
> similar blacklist. But I never had the time to actually write that code.
> So I agree: the patch should be merged - it's better than nothing.

Thanks, and I agree. I'll add a 

	if (bios_override && !bios_override_dmi)
		printk("You're using bios_override boot option. Please
report this and the output from dmidecode to <some at body>.");

somewhen once the PCMCIA subsystem is generally in a better shape so we can
focus on these workarounds. Also, as pointed out in some bug on bugzilla,
there might be other ways we should take instead... so I don't want to spend
too many cycles on this just yet.


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