Roar Bjørgum Rotvik roarbr at tihlde.org
Fri Dec 17 18:54:52 EST 2004

David Hinds wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 09:19:52PM +0100, Roar Bjørgum Rotvik wrote:
>>But you also have a problem when manually loading the module, and you 
>>need to solve this problem first..
> No he doesn't necessarily have any problem with the driver.  Without
> the binding in /etc/pcmcia/config, the driver doesn't know it should
> talk to the card, and won't take any action.  Manually loading the
> driver doesn't help anything.

I thought PCMCIA-drivers got event notifications from the PCMCIA 
subsystem after registering, so when a PCMCIA/PC Card is inserted the 
driver is notified of this and check if the card inserted was a card 
recognized by the driver.
This way you may manually load a module and insert the card afterwards, 
without relying on cardmgr.

Or am I mistaken?

Regarding the PCMCIA configuration in the file /etc/pcmcia/config for 
the original poster;
Add the following entries (lines in <..> is my comments):

<find this text in the file>
# Device driver definitions

<add this text>
device "wl"
   class "network" module "wl"

<find this text further down in the file>
# Ethernet adapter definitions

<add this text>
card "Broadcom whatever"
   manfid 0x02d0, 0x044d
   bind "wl"

After this restart cardmgr, on a Red Hat or Fedora system you may run 
"service pcmcia restart", or just run "killall -HUP cardmgr" as root.

Hope this helps.

Roar B. Rotvik

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