ide-cs and PXA Suspend/Resume issues

Richard Purdie rpurdie at
Sun Dec 12 19:26:08 EST 2004

I'm in the process of porting support for the Sharp Zaurus SL-C7xx series of
PDAs from Sharp's 2.4 kernel into mainline 2.6. I've recently turned my
attention to the pcmcia support.

On the most part this has been straight forward and I've successfully
created a pxaxx_sharpsl driver which supports the machine. I've encountered
two problems:

1. If I pull the CF card without ejecting, the system doesn't like it. I've
tracked this to the ide_unregister call in ide_cs.c which fails (but doesn't
return failure) and hence breaks things. ide_unregister fails as the usage
count it still > 0 as ide_disk still has active mounts on the device. I've
seen various mails about this but none recently. Can anyone provide me with
an update on the status of this?

(cardctl eject works ok)

2. A suspend/resume cycle corrupts the pcmcia registers on the pxa (which
causes it to think the card has changed which triggers the above bug). The
solution is to store the control registers across a suspend/resume. I have
a patch which fixes this:

Is the patch acceptable? Is this the right place to mention it/where do I
submit it? or should I take this up on arm-linux?



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