Linux 2.6.4 Toshiba 440CDT 3com 3c589d - 'Databook TCIC-2 probe: not found' 'Unable to apply power'

Komuro komurojun at
Sun Aug 15 03:48:31 EDT 2004

>It can load the core PCMCIA module (pcmcia_core),
>it finds a 'yenta-socket', and the cardmanager gets started.
>--> nice.. but, when I insert the 3com card I get, 
>'yenta_socket0: Unable to apply power'

Can you try increasing the "vcc_settle" in driver/pcmcia/cs.c, please?

-INT_MODULE_PARM(vcc_settle,	40);		/* centiseconds */
+INT_MODULE_PARM(vcc_settle,	400);		/* centiseconds */

Best Regards

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