Linux 2.6.4 Toshiba 440CDT 3com 3c589d - 'Databook TCIC-2 probe: not found' 'Unable to apply power'

Wim Peeters wim.peeters at
Sat Aug 14 17:05:01 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I wanted to upgrade my Toshiba 440CDT notebook to
Suse 9.1 - initial kernel 2.6.4 (-52-default) using a 3com 3C589D 
PCMCIA network card and ran into this problem.

The portable's BIOS can set the PCMCIA mode to
either PCIC compatible (which is the default) or Cardbus/16bit

1. When I use the default (PCIC),
It can load the core PCMCIA module (pcmcia_core), it finds
a "tcic" chipset and asks for parameters for the tcic module (tcic)
-> whatever I try here, it can not find the device:

 PCI bridge probe: not found
 Intel PCIC probe: not found
 Databook TCIC-2 probe: not found

And the module fails to load.

2. When I use the system in Cardbus/16 bit mode,
It can load the core PCMCIA module (pcmcia_core),
it finds a 'yenta-socket', and the cardmanager gets started.
--> nice.. but, when I insert the 3com card I get, 
'yenta_socket0: Unable to apply power'

3. Booting a 2.4 kernel (Suse 8*)
No problem everything works, so I guess hardware is ok.


I've seen Ryan Verner and Dominik Brodowski talking
about the 'Unable to apply power' problem with a different system,
Did you guys manage to solve this?

Any help appreciated.

Best Regards


Wim Peeters

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