Yenta and IRQ0

komurojun at komurojun at
Thu Aug 12 21:25:29 EDT 2004

>Therefore, we only set SS_CAP_CARDBUS if we have a non-zero IRQ _and_
>we have successfully claimed it.

I think it is better we clear SS_CAP_CARDBUS, if we have a zero-IRQ.

>+	socket->socket.features = SS_CAP_PAGE_REGS | SS_CAP_PCCARD;

>+		printk(KERN_INFO "Yenta: no PCI IRQ, CardBus support disabled for this soc
>+		       KERN_INFO "Yenta: check your BIOS CardBus, BIOS IRQ or ACPI setting

>+		socket->socket.features &= ~SS_CAP_CARDBUS;

>+	} 

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