Problems with pcmcia code

Larry W. Finger Larry.Finger at
Tue Oct 21 11:50:36 BST 2003

I still have several problems with the pcmcia subsystem. I am running 
2.6.0-test8 using gcc 3.3.1 and cardmgr 3.2.5. My problems that are common 
to all cards are as follows:

1. The system only recognizes a card insertion every second time.
2. When the insertion event is recognized, the system fails to read the CIS 
and tries to load memory_cs. Only after cardmgr is restarted with a "kill 
-HUP" is the card properly recognized.

I have built cs and ds with PCMCIA_DEBUG 3, and I have inserted a couple of 
printk statements in yenta_socket. The pcmcia-related output from dmesg at 
various steps is shown in the attachment. I hope this is sufficient 
information. If not, please indicate what additional material would be helpful.

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