[CFT] 2.6.0-test7: Fix use-after-free bug in ds.

Dominik Brodowski linux at brodo.de
Mon Oct 13 09:00:04 BST 2003

> I've tested this patch locally, and it seems good.  Please provide
> feedback.

I'd prefer an -partial- different approach: let's remove struct
pcmcia_bus_socket at all, and put the necessary information into struct
pcmcia_socket. This means that most of the code which is currently in ds.c
needs to move into cs.c, or maybe a new pcmcia.c. However, we'll have only
one reference counting for pcmcia devices; the "border" between ds.c and
cs.c and between structs pcmcia_socket and pcmcia_bus_socket is somewhat 
fuzzy. IMO it would be better to separate 
	a) core functions needed for socket management by both 16- and
	   32-bit cards,
	b) 32-bit card support, and
	c) 16-bit card support.

If you want me to, I can write a patch within a week.


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