impossible to compile GPR400 PCMCIA driver on 2.6 kernel?

David Hinds dhinds at
Fri Nov 14 15:29:40 GMT 2003

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 05:52:35PM -0500, Clement Seveillac wrote:
>  - Do I have to assume pcmcia-cs cannot build drivers anymore (for 2.6
> kernels), and must it be used only for its other tools?

This is correct.

>  - How difficult would it be to modify the source code of gpr400 driver
> so it would work as a 2.6 kernel driver? (in linux/drivers/pcmcia)

I am not sure how hard it would be.  You would probably want to stick
it in the 2.6 kernel tree and build it there.  But I have not studied
the new configuration and Makefile system in 2.6 so I don't know how
to actually build a new driver module this way.

-- Dave

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