Fwd: [Bug 1446] New: Orinoco driver fails to start during boot up

Joshua M. Thompson funaho at jurai.org
Sun Nov 2 16:57:31 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 15:06, Richard Torkar wrote:
> I am the one that reported this bug. If there is anything I can do to
> help, just point me in the right direction.
> As Joshua, I'm running Arjan's kernel rpms, dunno if that should be a
> problem. I use Fedora test 3 with all rawhide updates on my DELL L400
> laptop.

Good news guys, I made some progress on this problem. Turns out it's one
or more of the optimizations Arjan puts in his kernel RPMs. If I take
them out and rebuild the RPM I can get my card to work (actually, I now
get the same problem as many other people...it won't detect the card on
its own until I restart PCMCIA.)

I'm not sure which option is the problem yet but my gut instinct tells
me it's the addition of -mregparm=3. I'll try to run some more
compilation tests soon to see which option or combination of options is
the culprit.

Joshua M. Thompson <funaho at jurai.org>
Planet Jurai

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