[CFT] Clean up yenta_socket

Russell King rmk at arm.linux.org.uk
Sun Aug 17 16:34:35 BST 2003

Patch set:


	The tar file contains all patches.

This is a patch set aimed to cleaning up the yenta controller quirks,
working around some of the warts which have appeared (eg, overwriting
of yenta_operations init pointer.) and adding better power management

Unfortunately, since my laptop continues to have an argument with the
2.6 kernel APM, I am unable to properly test the suspend/hibernate/resume


	Use #defined constants for TI ZV initialisation


	Clean up yenta overrides - move the quirks to the main
	PCI ID table, and list the quirks by type.


	Move socket initialisation to the quirk table.


	Add per-quirk power management (to aid saving/restoring
	controller specific state.)  Also, add proper pci state
	saving/restoring.  Note that Cardbus bridges have to
	save and restore at least 0x48 bytes of configuration
	space, not 0x40.  WIBNI pci_save_state/pci_restore_state
	took "start, length" parameters...


	Remove PM restore from socket initialisation; less reason
	for socket initialisation to vary between controller types
	now.  In fact, we could very well get rid of much of the
	TI-specific socket initialisation quirk handling, since
	TI realised that they should be more compatible with other
	implementations in later versions of their bridges.


	Move re-initialisation from the socket init/resume paths to
	where it belongs - the main initialisation path.


	Move more controllers to the more advanced quirks.

Russell King (rmk at arm.linux.org.uk)                The developer of ARM Linux

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