planned socket driver interface change

Dominik Brodowski linux at
Sat Apr 26 18:56:47 BST 2003

Hi all,

As soon as Greg KH's update of the "class" core of the driver model is
merged, I intend to submit the following changes for merging. (parts of the
code available for previous kernel releases, if you are interested)

1.) use the new multiple-class_devices-per-device approach so that each PCMCIA
    socket equals one struct class_device, embedded in a 

	struct pcmcia_socket {
		struct class_device		dev;
		struct pccard_operations	*ops;

		/* data internal to the socket driver */
		void				*driver_data

		/* deprecated */
		unsigned int			socket_no;
		void 				*s_info; /* socket_info_t */


    Each socket is registered by calls to class_device_register(), but this
    will be abstracted to a function within cs.c, so that the class_id can
    be set properly (pcmcia_socket%d comes to my mind)

2.) This struct pcmcia_socket is used instead of the socket number in calls
    from cs.c to the socket drivers.

3.) #2 of Linus' reasons for pci_socket.c will be gone then, so this file
    and yenta.c are merged.

4.) cs.c knowledge of the socket_no will cease; instead ds.c will remain 
    the only user of this deprecated number.



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