Fixes to compile pcmcia-cs under Linux 2.5.x

Dominik Brodowski linux at
Wed Apr 16 00:56:01 BST 2003

Hi Pavel!

Was just looking at your cardmgr-compilation-fix patch when your message
appeared in my inbox :)

> I'm testing your patches now, and our patches slightly intersect.
> Both linux/device.h and linux/mod_devicetable.h (added by your patch)
> should only be included if __KERNEL__ is defined.  Otherwise, cardmgr
> cannot be compiled.
If my patchset for 2.5.67 is merged in its completeness, there's no ioctl
cardmgr can use - it will fail to load anyway. However, I intend to fix this
for the next patchset: I'll keep backwards (i.e. cardmgr) compability in
various levels (complete / emulation / resource-management only / none).
This means I'll make sure cardmgr compilation will not fail any longer, of 
course :)

> Please fix your patch.>  Also it would be nice to see the
> pci_remove_behind_bridge() in your patch set.
This, as well as the cardmgr-compilation-fix, I'll try to push Linus-wards
very very soon.

Many thanks for your work!


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