[Linux-parport] [PATCH/RFC] parport_pc: remove ancient, overeager quirk that disables EPP support on many chipsets

Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 06:09:01 EDT 2011

I hope this patch gets downline faster...just in case it applies to my
machine. I am just a lurker and don't compile kernels, but I am using Fedora
15 on Intel i2600 & DH67BL motherboard with a parallel port card. Despite
everything parport won't detect the parallel port while detecting serial
port on the same card and I have therefore attached a dmp printer to a
windows machine run just for the purpose of providing network printer....the
last windoze in my firm...can't wait to get rid of it ;-)

Thanks guys.
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