[Linux-parport] Don't catch any/valid IRQ on PCI Parport devices

Christian christian.suehs at online.de
Sun Nov 13 06:55:46 EST 2011

For me there is a long time problem in getting a valid or working IRQ on
PCI LPT Cards for my project.
I have a selfmade so called LPR2DMX - Interface, which is supported from
the DMX4Linux Driver. This driver is no longer developed since Kernel
2.5.x. I made a few chances to get working this Driver as a modul for
Kernel and all works fine for some LPT-ISA Cards. But it don't
works for any PCI-Card I have. It seems there is a problem to get an
IRQ-Line, unfortanetly i get no errors.

What Information do you need to help me by this Problem.


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