[Linux-parport] Amstrad PCW

Chris Puttick cputtick at gmail.com
Sun May 13 14:21:25 EDT 2007

Hi all

I'm trying to hook a Linux box up to an Amstrad PCW8512...

Ok, now you're all back on your seats and wiped the tears from your
eyes, you can read on :). Your help is needed to recover data from a
whole bunch of PCW disks that may be of historic interest and even

The Amstrad is connected with a kit called LocoLink, which was
designed to assist users moving from the Amstrad platform to MS
DOS/Windows via a special cable which attaches to the expansion port
on the 8512 and to the parallel port on the PC. Running the MS end of
the software resulted (I am lead to understand) in a new drive
appearing, which was the contents of the Amstrad's floppy drive.

I guess no one else has tried this, or at least an Internet search got
me no results, so here I am. It seems that the Amstrad presents as
some sort of external storage; I have no copy of the MS end of the
software, just the cable and the Amstrad software.

What information do I need to have a chance of making this work?

Hope someone can help...



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