[Linux-parport] usb parport as gpio

Dirk Jagdmann jagdmann at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 16:38:09 EST 2007

> Hi folks, I need a couple of digital I/O lines for a project, and back in
> the bad old days I'd have just used a parallel port.  Now I need to go
> through a USB port, and it seems to me that USB parallel port adapters
> don't provide general-purpose I/O lines like the old-school parallel
> ports did.  Is that really true?

I don't know any usb parport adapters, but you can also by parports on
pci cards. They're not expensive either. If they get recognized by
linux (which most do) they work exactly the same as oldschool onboard
(or on IDE multicontroller) parports and you can use them to drive
your homemade hardware.

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