[Linux-parport] [PATCH] parport: remove dead address in MAINTAINERS

Arnaud Giersch arnaud.giersch at free.fr
Sat Jan 21 16:34:50 EST 2006

From: Arnaud Giersch <arnaud.giersch at free.fr>

Remove dead address for David Campbell in MAINTAINERS.

Signed-off-by: Arnaud Giersch <arnaud.giersch at free.fr>

  I got the following error message for all mails sent to
  <campbell at torque.net> since January 9, 2006:
  <campbell at torque.net>: host torque.net.inbound10.mxlogic.net[]
    said: 550 <campbell at torque.net>: User unknown in virtual alias table (in
    reply to RCPT TO command)

--- linux-2.6.16-rc1.orig/MAINTAINERS	2006-01-17 08:44:47.000000000 +0100
+++ linux-2.6.16-rc1/MAINTAINERS	2006-01-21 21:39:08.503248571 +0100
@@ -1966,7 +1966,6 @@ M:	philb at gnu.org
 P:	Tim Waugh
 M:	tim at cyberelk.net
 P:	David Campbell
-M:	campbell at torque.net
 P:	Andrea Arcangeli
 M:	andrea at suse.de
 L:	linux-parport at lists.infradead.org

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