[Linux-parport] Re: [RFC]: add sysfs support to parport_pc, v3

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Wed Jan 4 04:14:06 EST 2006

>> somewhere?
> Good question.  The answer is I have no idea.  I booted Fedora Core and I did a
> ls -l /dev and wrote down the specs for lp0 and parport0.  lp0 looked like
> crw-rw----  root   lp   6,  0  date  lp0 so that is what I used.  After reading
> Linux Device Drivers I found out that 6 is the major number and 0 is the minor
> number.  The goal was to make sure that the nodes generated by my patch were
> the same as the nodes generated before my patch so I used those numbers.
> Should I have used different major numbers?

You should have at least used the constants from <linux/major.h>

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