[Linux-parport] microtek slimscan c3 freezes system

w kay oldude at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 28 15:00:47 EDT 2005

I'm using Libranet gnu/linux 3.0 & recompiled the kernel to include the
   linux-ppscsi-2.6.x.patch.gz, which succeeded in the microtek slimscan
c3 scanner being detected by -xsane, xscanimage,quiteinsane-But when I
try to scan using any of these, the system freezes up totally & I have
to reboot. I would be interested to know if anyone here has used this
scanner successfully & any ideas to get it working. my machine is:

e machines T2080
AMD Athlon 2000+
512 MB ram

Let me know if I can ginve any other info. Thanks,

                                                       w kay

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