[Linux-parport] parport problem

Shunguang Ding (BJ) shunguang.ding at o2micro.com
Tue Nov 8 07:17:42 EST 2005

Dear All,


         I am writing one kernel driver which calls the standard parport
interfaces to drive LCD and its keyboard.

I have two modules used in two different boards; the two modules are
uss720.o and parport_pc.o.

The following is steps what I do:


1>     Find the port by parport_enumerate.

struct parport * port;

 for (port = parport_enumerate (); port != NULL; port = port->next) 


           //printk("paport base : %x ",(int)port->base);

           g_port = port; // g_port is one struct parport *



2>     Write data:

         ub[0] = uAddr; 

         g_port->ops->epp_write_addr(g_port, ub, 1, 0); 

         ub[0] = uval;  

         g_port->ops->epp_write_data(g_port, ub, 1, 0);

3>     Read Data

         ub[0] = uAddr; 

         g_port->ops->epp_write_addr(g_port, ub, 1, 0); 

         g_port->ops->epp_read_data(g_port, ub, 1, 0); 

         v = ub[0];



The above steps are able to work for parport_pc.o, but panic for

I try to find what's the problem, and I find panic issue disappears
after I call "port->ops->data_reverse(port);"

 But it still doesn't work until I call "port->ops->write_control(port,


Could you like to explain why I need call the two interfaces
additionally for uss720.o?


Thanks a lot,





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