[Linux-parport] ppscsi patch fails on 2.6.10

Ed Murray mail at avenuedesign.net
Mon Jan 10 18:08:13 EST 2005

Your attention is very much appreciated.
I have attached the latest version of the patch.

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 22:42 +1100, Ed Murray wrote:
> The Debian maintained ppscsi patch has has a few minor problems with the
> most recent kernels. We recently changed scsi_sleep calls within the
> patch to msleep in order to get it working with the 2.6.9 kernel.
> Fortunately this appeared to be all that was needed. However with the
> release of 2.6.10 there appears to be another problem which has cropped
> up. It still compiles without a hitch but when modprobe ppscsi is called
> the following error can be found in dmesg: ppscsi: Unknown symbol
> parport_get_port. Can anybody give any assistance with this please?
> Regards
> Ed Murray
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