[Linux-parport] parport_serial and NetMos 9835

Michael Reinelt reinelt at eunet.at
Sun Jan 2 17:51:48 EST 2005

Hi List,

I sent this mail to Tim, but he told me that he's no longer maintaining 
the parport stuff. So I'm trying here....

Please CC me, cause I'm not on the list (btw, how do I subscribe? I 
remember the parport list somewhere at torque.net or something...)

I'm having problems to get my NetMos 9835 up and running with
kernel 2.6.10

I digged a bit into the code, and I think I found the reason: The card
provides one parallel and two serial ports, and is handled fine by
parport_serial. BUT the 9835 is handled by parport_pc, too (which is
wrong, IMHO). I'm not shure, but I suppose that parport_serial does not
touch the device if it's already handled by another driver (parport_pc,
which gets autoloaded before parport_serial) and therefore does not
enable and register the serial ports.

I commented out all the 9835 stuff in parport_pc, and now everything
works fine.

I see two possibilities for a clean solution:

a) remove all netmos cards that provide at least one serial port from
parport_pc (this is not only the 9835, but some other netmos cards, too)

b) change parport_serial so that it handles serial ports from cards
where the parallel port is already handled by parport_pc.

I think a) would be the better way to go, as I wouldn't like a single
PCI device handled by two different drivers.

If this is fine with you, I'll go for data-sheet hunting, and provide a
patch for netmos cards.

bye, Michael

Michael Reinelt <reinelt at eunet.at>
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